Software for Podcasting (Why Podcast with Audello)

Last year Audello launched and the Podcast community was divided.

Is it the greatest tool for podcasts or just another faddish slick marketing gimmick..?

Turns out the naysayers were just miffed that a plugin turned what used to be a very time consuming technical process into a very quick and easy experience.

I finally got round to putting it to use in the past month and totally love it.

Uploading mp3’s is easy.

Editing meta tags and podcast info is easy.

Creating playlists is easy.

Publishing to iTunes is… well… I haven’t quite got that far yet.

But this month once I have 10 episodes recorded I’ll be doing a Podcast launch campaign… and I’m very confident the technical aspects will be a cinch with Audello.

Check out the very compelling description for Audello — and become a podcast rockstar like me ????

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