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Hello Shawn,
I went through your site and portfolios and am absolutely floored by the emotion provoking content you are able to create. If you responded earlier you definitely would have gotten the job 'hands down'.

My email address gets hammered with spam and worthless offers, but your products are worth 100, 1000; maybe even a million times anything I've seen advertised in my email inbox.

Curtis Ah Shay

You are the best sales copy writer ever!

Dan Lew, 2010

I used your [________] sales page as a template to re-do mine and my conversions doubled!

Anna White
Info Product Site Owner
out for me - Shawn's tone and use of language makes each sentence a pleasure to read...I'm compelled to read on, clicking on every page, and wanting to find out more!"
Kelly E, 2015
Relationship Coach

"Exposing The Link Between Your Marketing

Success And Your Copywriter Selection Process"

When Sales Copy Captures

The Essence Of Your


it ?captures the imagination of your perfect prospect and becomes the most revealing business plan your competitors could possibly hope to ??steal ??from your high-security encrypted servers.


Because good copy will laser-focus on the essence of your marketing strategy, revealing your highest value audience, their buying process, the psychological triggers that make the sale, the sweet spot of your market for maximum conversions, and more.

How Can Sales Copy Put You

Beyond The Reach Of


Because: Well crafted copy is not just a hyped-up collection of trigger words that automatically create an emotional buying frenzy...

Instead: Well-crafted copy pin-points product differentiation to demonstrate your genuine competitive advantage, wrapped within a unique 'brand building' emotionally bonding storyline that your competition simply can not duplicate.

You give your company great leverage by finding a copywriter who appreciates the considerations of strategic marketing and long-???term ???brand positioning... someone that will become dedicated to a long-term relationship. This takes trust which can develop after the initial assignments success.

Having worked both sides of the fence... as a senior marketing manager (reporting to the Chairman of a marketing service provider, as Director of a small health and beauty company, etc) as well as 12+ years as a copywriter both freelance and for ad agencies... I learned...

Where Marketing And Copywriting Come Together

Undated handout photo of the slogan, first introduced by Heinz in the 1960's to sell baked beans.

Your copywriter must understand the essence of your company and product to build brand preference and response ??inside ??the mind of your target audience.

"...Positioning is not what you do to a product. Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect. That is, you position the product in the mind of the prospect."- Positioning - The Battle For Your Mind, Al Ries and Jack Trout

For example: Kleenex = tissues. Fairy = washing up liquid. Red bull = ??energy ??drink. Or "Beanz Meanz Heinz".

"What does your company equal in the mind of

your customers"

At the start of our project together, we'll select a suitable positioning statement for the campaign brief. Something to the effect of:

My product helps [whom?] do [what?], [when?], better than any other product by [how?].

With strong product positioning, I can produce rock-solid sales copy.

Keen to get the ball rolling? Contact me to discuss your project or see below for how I write copy by...

Getting Inside The Mind Of Your Audience To

Increase Conversions As Much As 510%

Hi, I’m Shawn Blue. As an ad agency copywriter in 2007 I wrote copy for dozens of agency clients and quickly hit my first major home run…

An email I wrote for the agency’s largest client account beat the current control (best performing email to date) by 510%.

The agency’s email pulled in a respectable 10 new enquiries…

…yet my altogether different approach, based on the traditional principles of direct response copywriting, pulled in a record breaking 61 enquiries — each potentially worth 10 grand.

I reduced the ‘marketing hype’ and got inside the prospects mind to create empathy, speak to their unstated desire, show credibility, and make an offer they couldn’t refuse.

How Long Should Copy Be?

An old copywriting joke reveals:

“Copy should be like a lady’s skirt. Long enough to cover the essentials, but short enough to keep things interesting”.

Length all depends on what’s going on inside the mind of your audience and the marketplace. It’s said in sales that ‘the more you tell, the more you sell’… providing it’s relevant and interesting.

So while you personally may not be interested in the topic of the 510% email copy sample, try putting yourself in the mind of someone who likes to make use of personal loans, has one already from XYZ Finance Company and then receives this email.

click the orange button below and you can read the entire email.

I go through a painstaking process of diligently deciphering the DNA-code of each unique market at this current moment in time, consider your prospects circumstances, the sources of traffic, the brands voice, and so on.

And we both know anything like a 510% increase in conversion rate for your sales funnel would mean a great deal to you…

Next Step?

To achieve a significant uplift in your campaign performance I need as much background material as you can share with me.

I can then conduct proper due diligence and apply my copy development process to deliver optimized copy that moves minds and opens wallets.

First see, sample of my work via the buttons at the top of this page. If you have an upcoming project, get in touch to book a slot on my calendar. Sometimes my dance card is full. Sometimes I can begin work right away.

For 510% Improvements,

Shawn Blue

Director & Lead Copywriter


PS. I work with independent startup Directors, Direct Response Firms, Agencies, and big Corporates. Let me know what you need to achieve and perhaps we really can take your market by storm.

PPS. I can write US and UK English as required.

Your Copywriter Selection Process

2007 White Paper by Shawn Blue?, Director, ITVibe

"Exposing the Link Between... Your Marketing

Success And Your Copywriter Selection"

  • Supporting Your Strategic Marketing Objective??????s
  • Where ?Marketing ?A?nd Copywriting Come ??Together
  • Your Product Positioning ?St?atement
  • 3 Copywriters Questions About Your Product

Click to open the pdf. No opt-in required.

Attract New Leads

Nurture Cold Leads Into Hot Prospects

Convert Prospects Into Sales


If you are looking for a particular type of sample not found here, use my contact form and I may well have something relevant that's not in my public portfolio.

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