Helping You Validate New marketing Ideas

& then Scale Your Campaign Winners

For Maximum ROI In 2016

Enter ITVibe Agency...

Available to build and test the marketing campaigns that you don't have

time for - and then help you scale winners for maximum return, via:

1. Marketing Funnels

Funnel's are everywhere. From that first moment your audience catches sight of your advert and the all-important first click... The big promise and specific offer on the landing page... The email sequence sent to nurture your prospects interest and trust... The complete buying experience and customer follow-up to maximize customer lifetime value.

We cover the lot. Squeezing out every possible drop of audience engagement with fully-tracked conversion funnels  - gaining actionable insight about your audience every time someone visits your site. And we share all that insight with you.

From campaign planning, to design and build, through to the all-important 'marketing automation' and performance tracking for continuous improvement.

2. Insight & Experience

From many years in the trenches of digital marketing lead generation, branding and eCommerce management, we have a keen eye for making rapid improvements.

We look at your current results to optimize brand experience and sales conversions at every point... while using analytical tools to find ways of maximizing results.

What questions go unanswered in your visitors buying process? How can we demonstrably improve user engagement to increase leads and sales? What simple tweaks can increase conversion rates and lower the cost of new customer acquisition? What do your site visitors think of your site? Where do they get stuck and then abandon the sale? What aspects of your brand story can we emphasize in new campaigns? All this and more.

3. Content Creation

We produce various types of content for full content marketing, including video, graphics and copy.

Send us your campaign brief or chat to us by phone to clarify the project. We'll produce first-class content within the agreed timeframe.

For simple campaign emails, lead generation landing pages, through to feature sales pages, or complete VSL(video sales letter) scripts.

Shawn is a veteran copywriter having written for dozens of companies since

the 90s in both B2B and B2C markets, including health, finance, technology, personal development, dating and relationships, and many more.

Send an enquiry and we'll send back any relevant samples.

4. Traffic Management

Sometimes the best ideas in the world go unappreciated and unused simply because the right people never know about them. Do you have the best kept secret in the world? Or perhaps just a well-developed quality product or service, but not enough traffic?

Concerned about front-loading $5,000 on a particular display network and want to validate campaign performance before scaling the budget? Perhaps you want to bootstrap several hundred dollars per month through split-test campaigns to find and scale winners and then roll-out to the big networks including Adwords PPC and large Display Networks. It that's unclear, no worries. We can explain everything.

Speak to us about your traffic concerns and we'll suggest the opportunities worth focusing on. We can manage your traffic budget from $300 per month to $30,000 per month or more - including email solo ads, display networks, PPC and even social...

...although social campaigns tend to work best for existing customer retention and growth rather than new customer acquisition (a question we get asked a lot by concerned marketing managers who are underperforming on their targets for social marketing).

5. Lead Nurture & Sales

You have content, you have traffic? Now how well are leads being captured and nurtured into sales?

From landing pages to simple email follow-up campaigns and full-fledged marketing automation, we can help develop a lead nurture strategy to build brand preference and generate sales.

Don't be shy. If your product ethically increases peace,

prosperity and/or pleasure in the world, we can help

with trackable marketing that grows your brand.

As a certified Life-Coach, with a degree in Marketing and Advertising... [project] stood out for me - Shawn's tone and use of language makes each sentence a pleasure to read...I'm compelled to read on, clicking on every page, and wanting to find out more!

Kelly E, 2015
Relationship Coach

My email address gets hammered with spam and worthless offers, but your products are worth 100, 1000; maybe even a million times anything I've seen advertised in my email inbox.

Curtis Ah Shay

I'd say what Shawn doesn't know about online marketing/SEO/SEM isn't worth knowing. A true knowledgeable & enthusiastic professional!

Than Kine, 2008
Video Consultant

I used your [________] sales page as a template to re-do mine and my conversions doubled!

Anna White 
Site Owner

Shawn, You are the best sales copywriter ever!

Dan Lew, 2010
Serial Entrepreneur

Hello Shawn,

I really appreciate your interest in my current project. However, I have just hired another party.

I went through your site and portfolios and am absolutely floored by the emotion provoking content you are able to create.

If you responded earlier you definitely would have gotten the job 'hands down'.

I have saved your site to my computer and added you to my favorites for next project.

I really do look forward to speaking with you in the near future about ongoing collaborations. Cheers,

D Roye 
Site Owner
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Working remotely gives us the freedom to hang out in cool places around the world, indulge our interests, and learn about our clients target audience first hand.

Unlike most agencies who focus on internal production output using a time-sheet for maximum billable hours, we revel in the learning process of creating cost-efficient test campaigns that outperform anything previously imagined with performance related bonuses agreed as suitable with each client.

This means we not only have the expertise and capacity to deliver quality work, we can also charge highly competitive standard fees too.?

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