What is Marketing Funnel Automation? – and How Can I Conquire it?!

In its simplest form, Marketing Automation is when a visitor requests information and receives it automatically by email.

Today, visitors request can lead into behavior-triggered email follow-up and off-site ad re-targeting that delivers specific content based on the visitors exact behavior (i.e. which pages he visited revealing both his interests and stage of the buying process).

Example Automation Workflows

This small piece of an automation workflow gives a glimpse into the possibilities with automation.


Or how about this more detailed example showing a number of conditional triggers in part of an automation workflow:



At first glance that may seem utterly confusing.

Yet, Marketing Funnel Automation is now vital to compete with the degree of personalization and the varied campaign approaches used by large businesses and increasingly by SMEs.

If you’ve previously been scared off by high fees for Marketing Automation projects you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what ITVibe can offer for optimizing contact frequency and message relevance for a better customer experience that brings the greatest ROI.

Here’s a basic customer journey example:

  1. Mary sees one of your ads and lands on your ecommerce page for handbags but does not buy.
  2. Later that day she accesses her Facebook account and low-and-behold sees a nice photo of several gorgeous handbags similar to the one she was looking at earlier.
  3. The advert gives her a compelling reason to click and she visits your page a 2nd time (at a cost to you of just a few cents).
  4. She sees an offer for interesting information about your handbag selection and decides to opt-in with her email address.
  5. This begins an automated process of nurture and offer emails that are scheduled based on whether she actually opens the emails, clicks particular and browses specific pages of the site.
  6. If she adds a handbag to the cart by way of ‘window shopping’, we can then automatically send her information about that particular handbag, nurturing her trust in the brand, keeping front-of-mind, and helping to close the sale.

It’s amazing what can be done with Automation

Marketing Automation acts as a filter for multiple conversion funnels that converge and diverge into various segmentations based on each contacts behavior.

Sometimes customers just need a gentle reminder or two before they buy, along with a little extra information that endears them to your brand, and overcomes their hesitation to buy from you.

But delivering that ‘little extra info’ at the right time is a science and art.

Marketing Automation provides the tools to make that happen completely hands-free once we’ve set it all up. And it doesn’t have to be a major project to get things started and see a clear and positive ROI.

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