Email Nurture Campaigns

& Marketing Automation

I truly love email marketing.

If there was just one marketing channel I could focus on, it would be email.


Because the best email messaging is highly personal, value-driven, and exceptionally relevant to each individual who receives it.

It's like writing to a friend.

Cold traffic marketing is all about the sizzle. Grabbing attention. Offering something of instant value to drive the lead to your site and get the opt-in.

What happens next?

Nurture. Relationship marketing. Segmentation based on behavioral criteria defined with your marketing automation platform. Testing different types of messaging and sequences to optimize engagement and bring that prospect from cold to piping hot so they make the purchase... and then come back again and again.

I absolutely love it.

Send me an enquiry and together, let's make your competition look like spammers by comparison.

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  • Email Campaign Consulting
  • Marketing Automation Setup
  • Email Broadcast Management
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