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Why do I offer both Social Media Marketing and SEO on the same page?

If you've been keeping up to date with Google Algorithm changes, you'll know that SEO success very much depends on your social media strategy.

The 'social signals' not only give lots of high quality backlinks, but also show Google that your brand is liked by a real community of people, rather than just old-school backlink techniques that were used by SEOs to game the system in years past.

Today, it's all about engagement.

Optimizing a site for SEO is the easy part. Providing you have a good CMS, a lot of SEO is taken care of. A few plugins here and there, and the site is good to go.

However, how you structure the content on your site via navigation (known as 'information architecture'), and how you plan your content marketing for social media engagement, are vital for SEO success.

First, we need to produce a full keyword map (not just a list), taking account of your competition. Because to be number 1 in Google you only need to do a little bit more optimization than whoever is currently number 1 for each particular keyword. There's no magic here. Just solid principles of content relevance and subject matter expertise to demonstrate to Google that your page should be up top.

The backlinks matter a lot, yes. And that comes from engaging content with a syndication calendar and automated scheduling services that I can set up to run in the background and help achieve both your social marketing and SEO goals at the same time.

I have a lot of experience with this. Let me know what you'd like to achieve and let's work together on a proposal that suits your objectives and budget.

  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Mapping for Site Architecture
  • Content writing (for social and SEO)
  • Social Media Scheduling
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