How NOT to offer B2B services…

I’m searching for an inbound customer contact centre and used the live chat on one service providers website.

Here’s how the conversation went down…

Me: Nice website but the pricing table is clear as mud for me

Todd C: Hello

Me: What’s the economy plan for $29?

Todd C: My apologies. It isn’t meant to be unclear. Our economy plan is 29.00 per month for service. Every minute of operator time is 1.19 per minute

Me: ok then next to $29 it should say p/m
and it shouldn’t say ‘each additional minute’
it should say ‘per minute’
so the next one up is $109 per month and $1.09 per minute right?
do you have call agents that enter orders into your clients ecommerce platform?

Thank you for contacting us.
Your chat session was disconnected because it was idle for too long.

My email to their sales team: 

Wow, I’m instilled with confidence at your company’s ability to handle incoming customer contacts…

Moral of the story?

  • Check your own house is in order before you expect customers
  • They look like a startup so good on them for launching despite not quite being ready (rapid test and learn is fine for startup, as long as they really do optimize quickly)
  • Customers like me can indeed be pesky sarcastic British a–holes

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