Enterprise-Level Webinars for FREE? (bye bye gotowebinar…)

Webinars are killer ninja sales tools for both B2B and B2C alike…

But GoToWebinar costs $500 per month, with a limit of 1,000 attendees… and limited functionality.

If you can get a short turnaround budget approval (like, right now!) for a measly $300, you can get yourself lifetime access for unlimited webinars with unlimited attendees using a front-end platform called WebinarJam which works seamlessly and effortlessly with the Google Hangout infrastructure.

Sound complicated?

I guess it is. But WebinarJam makes it easy to use.

An amazing and a super cost-efficient way to benefit from enterprise level webinars (that means, super clean, professional and reliable) at a near ridiculous price.

Just $300 one-time if you order today. I do mean today only — as the promotion ends. Or, still, $300 per year, which still massively undercuts GoToWebinars yearly cost of $6,000!

Go now to WebinarJam and check it out.

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