Paid Traffic Sources – a long list

Asked recently about paid traffic management and best cost-to-conversion sources I had to confess I’m not up to scratch.

It’s as far back as 2007 that I managed a major media buy for a client and I’m keen to find out the latest platforms, behavioural targeting features, tracking systems, and so on.

My guess is that it’s not much different now to back then… just like Adwords isn’t different in principle (I’m still very familiar with Adwords). Anyways, we shall soon see, because:

I’m going to run a few tests with my own cold hard cash and I’ll report back what currently seems to be worth focusing on.

And with personal contacts working at the likes of Google and various agencies, it shouldn’t be hard to pull together cutting-edge insight in the fast changing market.

I have lots to say on the subject already but let’s wait until I’ve done some taguchi multi-variate split-test experimentation (I love that stuff).

In the mean time, here’s a loooong list of paid traffic sources that I’ll be investigating.

Anything to share feel free to write me directly or add comments below.

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